MoundTop MicroVinification
An experimental winery specializing in cold climate grapes of the Northern Plains


Wine Analysis WineMaking Cold Climate Grapes
Residual Sugar
Free Sulfur Dioxide
Titratable Acidity
Volatile Acidity
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen
CO2 Content of Still Wines
Monitor Fermentation with a Refractometer
Vacuum Racking/Degassing
Small-Format Flextanks

Winemaking Classes

pH  TA  Monitoring Fermentation
SO2  Residual Sugar 
Cold Stabilization (revised)

Making Sparkling Wine

Ancient Egyptian Winemaking

Case Histories
St. Croix
Sparkling St. Pepin
2016 Marquette

2013 Crush

As more experience with cold climate winemaking and analyses develops, more will be added to this site.
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